Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Sandi Bauman Miller


Sorry but Bill and I will not be coming to Tucson for my 60th. It is too far to go for a three hour party. 

We are still living in Placerville, CA. We are in Swansboro Country subdivision and our back property lot is the desolation forest which goes all the way to South Lake Tahoe. We survived the King Forest Fire three years ago although it did come within a football field's length of our backyard. We were evacuated for ten days.

We have four adult children. Mitzi is lives in El Dorado Hills, CA.and she and her husband, Bernardo, have two boys Paul and Jack.Mark and his wife live in Morgan Hill, CA. and have two children, Madison and Mason. Matthew and his wife Sandra have three adult children. Sam is a freshman at UC Davis, William is working full time and Amanda is married to Fritz Nayoan and lives in Washington.

We are trying our best to stay healthy. We are happy in the woods. If you should be in our neighborhood give us a call so we can get together.


    I live in a subdivision of Placerville, CA. known as
Swansboro Country.  The area is also known as Mosquito.
We are halfway between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe.
To get to our place you must drive a mountain road down
a steep canyon over a one lane suspension bridge which 
was constructed in 1853 over the American River and 
then up the canyon and around several switchbacks.  We 
are approximately 14 miles from Placerville proper.

      Bill Miller and I have been married 49 years in July.
We have four children (Mitzi 41, Mark 39, Matt 38 and
Monique 35).  We have nine grandchildren ranging in age
from 14 years to 7 months.  Six boys and three girls.
William (1995), Amanda (1998), Sam (1999), Paul (2000);
Justin (2001); Jack (2002); Daniel (2003); Kathryn 
(2007) and Madison (2008).  They have kept us busy.
Mitzi, Matt, and Monique all live in El Dorado Hills, 
CA. which is about an hour away from us.  Mark live in 
the San Jose Area.  My parents are both deceased.  My 
one remaining family member in Tucson died in 2006.

      I was fortunate enough to stay at home with the 
children until Monique was in the sixth grade.  I did
work for 13 years from home for American Red Cross 
serving as a Night Duty Worker contacting military 
personnel in the events of emergencies at home while 
they were stationed overseas.  Then I worked for 10 
years for San Jose Unified School District as a 
registrar and attendance clerk in both elementary and 
middle schools.  I am retired now.

    I am a quilter and a knitter.  Yearly I try to get 
either a quilt or a sweater done for each of the 
grandchildren.  I am currently in two quilt groups 
(one meets weekly and the other is monthly).  

     We seem to do everything in twos.  We adopted Mitzi 
and Mark and then really surprised ourselves with Matt 
and Monique.  Mark and Matt were both born in 1970.  
Mark in January and Matt in December (they are the 
same age for three weeks each year).  The in 1992 
Monique was married in August and Matt was married in  

Hope to see you all in October.