Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
The Details:

 WHEN:     October 30 thru November 1, 2009

 WHERE:  La Posada Lodge and Casitas
                     5900 N Oracle Road  
     Lush courtyards and adobe walls; fitness room; free high speed internet; free BIG breakfast in Miguel's, the onsite wonderful  restaurant with mountain and city views; kiva fireplace and swimming pool.  This is genuine TUCSON!

Schedule of Events
     *Hospitality Suite open from 3-6 pm Casita # 12

3-5 pm Check-in and Registration, Main Patio
6-10 pm Outdoor Casual BBQ, Santa Fe Room & Patio

     *Hospitality Suite open 8am-6pm  Casita # 12

6-10 am    Free breakfast for hotel guests at Miguel's
                   Non-hotel guest price: $7 
8 am          Mike and Pete's Golf Tournament
                   Join Mike Nagle, Pete Hand, and your friends  for a great
            round of golf. Register at the check-in desk.                               
                   Quail Canyon Ranch Golf  Course next to La Posada 
10-11 am  The 1959 Game Show 
                   Ray Lindstrom and Burt Schneider invite you to an
                    hour of fun and great prizes - An absolute must! 
                   Santa Fe Room
11:30 am  Sue Daggett Black's Fun Bus Tour 
                   See CHS today and other Tucson changes. $15 
                   Includes luxury bus and lunch. Limited availablity;
                   first come, first served. Sign up at check-in desk. 
                   Leaves from hotel lobby parking lot 11:30 am sharp.
2:30-6 pm Group Photos of all our CHS past clubs and 
                   organizations. Posted schedule in Hospitality Suite.
                   Hospitality Area
6-10 pm    CHS Celebration Dinner & Program 
                   Santa Fe Room and Patio 

     *Hospitality Suite open 8-11 am  Casita # 12

8-10 am    Free breakfast for hotel guests at Miguel's
                   Non-hotel guest price: $7 
8-11 am    Final opportunity to visit with old friends 
*Hospitality suite will provide a central place to meet and greet. It will be stocked with soft drinks, snacks, beer, wine, and water. This room and items provided are part of your reunion fee.

50th Reunion Photo Slide Shows
     You are welcome to download any or all of these pictures. You can actually order prints, too! To see the slideshow, click on the button below. When the title screen comes up, click the play button at bottom of screen. To return to this page, use the browser's back button.  
What some of our classmates said about the 50th Reunion:

Ruth Pauliny Wagner Friday, 1/1/10, 10:30 AM 
 Thanks so much to the wonderful reunion committee for all of the many months, weeks, and hours of planning a perfect weekend for the Class of '59. The many activities offered something for everyone, and the entire atmosphere was one of relaxation and comaraderie. La Posada was a wonderful location, and the view of the mountains really made me nostalgic for the desert. My husband Bill was very impressed at how friendly and thoughtful the members of our class are; I think so too. It was just great to get reacquainted with so many people that were a part of my high school years. I'm already looking forward to the next reunion! 
 From: Oceanside, CA 
 Mike Mayer Thursday, 11/26/09, 4:16 AM 
 Just a big thanks to everyone that made the 50th possible and that includes all our classmates that came from far and near to really make it a very special time. I had a blast hooking up with the firends I haven't seen for a few year to those I haven't seen for 50. I am looking forward to the 100th. 
 From: Marina del Rey, CA 
 Lynda Cuison Jenkins Monday, 11/16/09, 6:32 PM 
 The "Committee" is to be commended for such a wonderful, fun filled 50th Reunion. I know hundreds of hours went into planned such an eventful reunion - thank you so much. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and La Posada was a perfect setting. Howard and I had such a good time and wouldn't have missed it for anything. Believe I have attend every reunion and this was by far the "Best". Thanks again and see you at the next one. 
 From: Las Vegas, NV 
 Jack Simmons Monday, 11/9/09, 7:47 PM 
 Many thanks to the reunion committee for a fabulous weekend. It couldn't have gone any better. There were five of us that ran around together in high school and we were all there. I think it is the first time we have all been in one place since Gaylon and I were married 48 years ago. We met again for lunch on Sunday and plan our next get together when we are all 70. Only two years, imagine that! 
 From: Lamoille, NV 
 Lee Seagondollar Sunday, 11/8/09, 12:55 AM 
 I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the 50th reunion organizing committee for such a wonderful event. You are the folks who made it all possible. It was great to have a chance to see you and my classmates. Thanks again! I hope the future is good to you. It was an unbelievable experience to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn and reminisce about the years I spent with him and the CHS Rifle Team. Until next time....Lee 
 From: Wasilla, Alaska 
 Fran Di Leo Friday, 11/6/09, 8:42 PM 
 Thank you for all your efforts and work on doing such a great job on our 50th reunion. I thought all who participated and came did great. I see we got rid of the snobs and found out more of who knew my brother that I didn't know before. Thanks all for helping me enjoy myself and to talk to all. See you (what) in 5 years. 
 From: Aurora, CO 
 Karen Wilkison Friday, 11/6/09, 5:45 PM 
 Our 50th reunion was the best we have had, many thanks to our reunion committee and their astute design of the whole weekend. Ray Lindstrom's quiz show was a wonderful ice-breaker making the rest of the weekend flow so nicely. We all seemed relaxed and glad to see each airs or need to impress any more! We were lucky to grow up when we did and possibly now can appreciate that more fully. So good to see you all. 
 From: Tucson 
 Nate Foster Thursday, 11/5/09, 10:28 AM 
 A special thanks to the 'entire committee' who worked more than 18 months to put this 'greatest reunion ever' together. I must say that Sue Black and her husband Bill were two of my hero's. Bill provided all the sound(Audio) and was there the whole time, while ailing with fever and all..Jackie Ronstadt, for her organizing and serving in the Hospitality Room. She deserves Sainthood for putting in a couple of 10/12 hour days keeping us full and not 'THIRSTY'. Ray and Pam.....Thanks for all you did!!!!!and are doing.........Thanks Jo Ann for all you did with memories..........Nate 
 From: Fountain Hills, AZ. 
 Judy Davidson Cole Wednesday, 11/4/09, 8:43 AM 
 I want to thank everyone involved in planning and carrying out the reunion. You did a wonderful job and spent hours working to make it a success. Thank you.?? ??Seeing friends from as far away as Austrailia is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The food, the tour, the location, the entertainment, everything was well done. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.?? ??judy davidson cole 
 From: Show Low, AZ 
 Pam Morris Samuels Wednesday, 11/4/09, 7:52 AM 
 Dear Fellow Classmates, I thought I would share with you a couple of comments from Kelly Nelson, the event coordinator at La Posada with whom I worked for about a year on this reunion. She said she had never met a nicer group of people.She commented on how kind everyone was with the hotel staff and each other. Also, she said she was envious seeing how connected we were after 50 years. "Watching you guys hugging, engaging in long conversations, helping each other, and laughing was so wonderful. My generation (of 30 year olds) THINKS they are connected with blackberries, internet, cell phones, facebooks,blogs, etc, but much of that is just information - not being truly connected. I doubt anyone will ever organize a 50th for us" We grew up in the best of times! And we are still having good times! Pam Morris Samuels 
 From: Tucson 
 Peggy Byless Wednesday, 11/4/09, 5:57 AM 
 To all of you who put together such a great 50th reunion, thanks! It was such fun to connect with old friends and make new ones. Kudos! 
 From: Phoenix 
 penny wray bigler Monday, 11/2/09, 8:09 PM 
 From: lewiston,ID 
 Carol Johnson Knowles Monday, 11/2/09, 1:57 PM 
 I thought the 50th reunion was first class. As an observer, I couldn't find any activities, meals, etc. that weren't done well. (The position I recently retired from at the UA involved coordinating LOTS of events, so I know the job the committee did was super.) I was so impressed by everyone I met. We are a splendid group of 68 to 70 year olds!!! Let's keep in touch. Again a big thanks to the committees. 
 From: Tucson 
 Sam Briedis Monday, 11/2/09, 1:08 PM 
 Memorable! Memorable Experience of a lifetime! If I have one complaint, that would be that the event went too quickly...I would have loved another day! Renewing past friendships and making new ones was the highlight of the reunion. My wife Dru was really impressed with how friendly and geniune all the classmates were and now she has special memories from her first visit to Tucson. Kudos and thanks again to the CHS Class Of 1959 Reunion Committee! Go Trojans, Sam 
 From: Carlsbad, California 
We all looked forward to it, and now it's over...and it was terrific!

Yes, the 50th Class Reunion was even better than we expected. Take a look at the photos here and some comments by our classmates.