Doug Jones

Hi Everybody.
I have attended all of our reunions starting with the 30th.
While I was Tucson born. My family travel a fair amount. I started 
Grade school back in Tucson at Peter E. Howell I -went to Roskruge JR high & Catalina High.
My family moved and I went to both Catalina High and Pueblo High.
I dropped out of Catalina after my Junior year and went in to the Marines 
I did 4 years in the Marine as Radio Chief in an Ontos Bn. In 1962 I enrolled in the UofA and graduated in 1966 with a BS in Business Went o Loa Angeles and became a banker with Security 1st National. Moved to San Diego in 1968 with my wife who lived in San Diego prior to her attending the U of A.
I started my insurance agency and Received my Securities License
I am now in Henderson NV I still have my Ins agency and my securities agency. My 2 kids are both in California My son has his own Landscape business in /San Diego and my daughter lives in Sausalito, CA and does merges and acquisitions.
That's all for now my typing skills suck and I am slow. Ciao Doug.


Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA