Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Monica Krompasky

  Classmate Mike Nagel writes:
     Monica is another one of our classmates who I did not
know in high school. I got to know her in San Diego
in the 1980's and 1990's as she was a legal secretary
for a small firm which shared a law library with my
firm. I used to chat with Monica as I was going to
and from the library without knowing where she was
    One day we started talking about high school
and stumbled on the fact that we both graduated from
Catalina in 1959. What a small world! (She told me
she spent three years at Tucson High and then went to
Catalina only in her senior year)  Monica then
informed that an attorney in her firm also graduated
from Catalina in 1959...Ray Heidemann. (I had never
met Ray)  I immediately went to my 59 yearbook,
looked up Ray's class picture, blew it up on the
scanner/copier and anonymously posted it in his
firm's kitchen with the note.. "Does anyone recognize
this man?" 
    Of course Monica was in on the joke and
reported back to me that several employees thought it
was a picture of Ray's oldest son. Then Ray saw the
picture and knew that someone had taken it from the
Catalina 59 yearbook. Monica then introduced me to
Ray (1984), we had a great laugh and have been
friends ever since.  I must confess though that I
have lost track of Monica over the past six or seven