Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Ray Heidemann

    Classmate Mike Nagle writes:
    I had lunch with Ray Heidemann today in San Diego. He has declined to submit any information about himself  but gave me permission to provide this update on his behalf  (to keep him off the MIA list).
    Ray moved to Tucson from New York during the summer of 1958 just  prior to the beginning of our senior year. He tells  me he never got very involved in school activities because he missed his old friends in New York and resented having to move just prior to his senior year. He played tennis with members of the Catalina tennis team, but I am not sure if he was on the team.
    Ray graduated from the U of A and worked for many
years as an IRS agent. He went to law school in the
70's and has been practicing law in San Diego for the
past twenty five years or so. Ray is currently
unmarried and has three grown sons, two of whom are
    I did not know Ray in high school but met him in San
Diego in 1984 through our law practices and we have
been good friends ever since. He is a great guy with
a good sense of humor, still plays tennis, and says
hello to anyone from the class of 59 who might
remember him.
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