Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Live in Tucson, Arizona.  Travels have taken me to Hong Kong, Japan, Tokyo, Mexico City and Canada.  In the US, spend time in Montana and PA
Divorced, daughter named Andrea and Two grandchildren Tyler Britan North and Bailey Ryan North. Older brother and family live in Tucson, Sonoita and Flagstaff.

Have a Bachelors in History, a Masters in Oriental Studies, a Masters in Management Information Systems and a Doctorate in Educational Administration with emphasis in School finance and Strategic Management.
Spent three years teaching at Middle School, ten years at the University of Arizona in the Department of Management Information Systems, Teaching and in charge of Financial Services for the Department, and
22 years in senior level positions throughout Arizona schools. Retired 2004, but do some Educational Consulting to keep active.  Worked with my Sister in Law's sister on editing my great father book on
Arizona in the 1850's and republishing it.  Currently working on his time in Arizona from 1880 thru 1905.

Fiscal Conservative, constitutionalist and yet a moderate on social issues. Registered Independent. Try to stay out of politics? Lutheran 1000 page Health Bill, Queen Nancy Pelosi etc.

Avocation Involved with several individuals in Yuma to provide medical facilities on both sides of the border as well as educational job training center for women and men out of work and with limited or no financial support. If we get the financial support we will develop more along border. (Birthing center in Mexico and urgent care on US side.)

My daughter was the best thing that happened in my life.