Thayne Higgins

May 3, 2009 we received this announcement from Thayne's wife:

Hello, everyone ~~

I have some very sad news to give you.
Thayne passed away yesterday, May 1st, at 2:54 in the afternoon at Boswell Hospital in Sun City, AZ.  His heart gave out after a very long struggle to recover from illnesses since February 28.  I am with friends in the Phoenix area for now but will return to Prescott in the near future.
I hope to have a memorial service in a couple of months and will notify you.
Love, Anne

Last year, Thayne provided this information on his life:

    For the past 24 years my wife Anne and I have lived in Prescott, AZ. 

    I could hold a family reunion in a phone booth and
sublease the unused space.  Fortunately, my wife's
family has adopted me and I have two brothers-in-law,
a sister-in-law, three nephews, and two grand nephews
that are the cutest little guys you'll ever see.  My
wife and I never had children so we have no grandkids
to babysit.

    After CHS, I attended Eastern Arizona College and
then back to the U of A.  I went to work at KVOA-TV
in Tucson for four years and then moved to KOOL-TV in
Phoenix where I stayed for 14 years.  When KOOL-AM
sold to Stauffer Broadcasting, I had the opportunity
to become the Chief Engineer of KARZ (KOOL-AM with
different call letters).  In 1984, I came to Prescott
as Director of Engineering for KUSK-TV, Inc. and in
1989 I moved to Yavapai Community College where I
retired as Telecommunications Mgr. of the college
district in 2004.

    I've been told that it's not good to discuss politics
or religion.  However, my pet peeve is the "Washington Dipsticks" who are doing their best  to ruin this country.  Last year, I changed my party affiliation to Independent and that, for me, is  almost a life changing event.

    It's amazing how everything goes full circle.  When I
graduated at CHS, my hobby was ham radio.  Over the
years, especially after moving to Prescott, I've
enjoyed more physical hobbies such as dancing.  My
wife and I even taught country western dance classes
for Yavapai College and Prescott Parks and Rec. 
After a back operation, I had to take it easier so I
formed a little 4 piece country band and we had lots
of fun playing for local events and private parties. 
A second back surgery put that activity on the back
burner (no pun intended) and now I'm getting active
in ham radio again.

    Probably the best thing that ever happened to me was
meeting and marrying my wife.  We've been together
through good and bad times for 41+ years although now
she reminds me she has the mortuary on speed dial.

    Finally, I would like to thank Ray Lindstrom for
reminding me to get my bio information sent in to the
CHS website.  If not for him, it probably would never
have been done.
Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA