Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Susan Mary Daggett Black

    Our current address is 9332 E. Calle Kuehn, Tucson,
Az. 85715.  Phone:  (520) 722-5831
    Our "travels" of  late (over the last year) have taken us mostly to the Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, area, and the Flagstaff area to visit the "kids" and grandkids; although we will be headed up to Kanab, Utah in Aug., for a Western Legends Round-up.  Bill will be competing in the
Cowboy Poetry Rodeo.

    My husband, Bill (also known as Jeep,Honey), and I
are both retired;  he was a mgr/engineer for the
Postal Service, and I taught physical ed. and library
science, etc. for many years. 
  We have 3 adult "children."  Our oldest daughter
lives here in Tucson and works in Adult Day Care. Our
son lives in Flagstaff with his wife and children.  He
is a firefighter.  Our youngest daughter lives in
Glendale, AZ.  She is a teacher.  She is also married
with kids. 
  We usually have photos of the whole batch that we
like to show.

    After CHS, I went to the UofA and picked up a BS
in Education.  I started teaching as part of the
original faculty of Magee (then Junior High - now
Middle School).  I later taught at Palo Verde HS. 
During this time, I earned a Masters at the University
of Hawaii.  I also loved the area there as I went
there during the summer breaks from school. 
    I took a career break while our children were
growing up.  I returned to teaching as they reached
the middle school ages.
    I moved from P.E. teaching to Library after going
back to the UofA for an additional certification.  I
finished my career in several school libraries in the
    One of my fondest memories will be teaching with
some of my former students who went on to become

    Well, for me a "pet peeve" is those spots the pets
leave on the carpet.  Sometimes even the big brown
eyes looking up saying "we love you Mom" are not quite
enough to overcome the negative feeling.
   My passions are my kids, and now, their families. 
I also had passion for teaching and the children that
I hope I moved to learning better lives.  Then there
are the animals - mainly dogs - that I've run across
over the years.  Some were abandoned, others abused
or "outgrown."  They have been companions to me and
I've tried to make their lives better also.

    During my pre-CHS days, I started learning music. 
I have continued that adding guitar during my college
days.  I played in church groups in all the locations
we've lived since my college days.  I also played for
schools groups and classes and children's groups such
as Campfire.  I have played and been Music Coordinator
for teaching groups.  I have published songs with
these groups.
    I currenly play bluegrass with local musicians.

    The best stories are those that cross distance and
time.  Memories of friends we've kept in touch with
from other times, watching children grow and learn,
seeing them now as adults; these are the stories I
love and want to continue to live.
   Recently, at my Mother's birthday party (she's now
over 90), the family, children, gramdchildren and
great-grandchildren were there.  The shared memories
spanned generations of stories, both happy and sad.
   In 1986, we were living in Bakersfield, CA.  The
Postal Service was undergoing one of its periodic
reorganizations and my husband was going to need to
relocate.  Tucson was one of the possibilities.
   I didn't know if I could return after having been
away for over 10 years.  Could I resume old
friendships?  Would things have changed too much for
me to fit in again?
   We returned and the friends I'd kept in touch with
through the years welcomed me back.  I found that I
could return and enjoy the area that held so many
memories for me. 
   But this is a string of stories, better told to
friends in an evening relaxing on a patio.  Maybe we
should do that sometime.