Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Stephanie Pence White

    My husband Jim and I have lived in Boise, Idaho for the past 40 years. We enjoy traveling...mostly by boat...every summer we venture from the San Juan Islands up the inward  passage to Alaska.  Our most recent discovery are the Broughton Islands in British Columbia. Our most recent sailing trip was bare boating in Crocia for week in the fall of 2007.

    We were in Scotland in 2003 with our family to
search our family roots  and celebrate  a special
birthday of Jim's.

    In 1990 we met up with our daughter, Laura, in
Russia and then traveled to Denmark to visit old

    When our son was playing college football we
visited many stadiums in four years.

     Jim and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary in May
of 2009.  We have two adult children...Jason 33, and Laura 37.  They have blessed us with three grandchildren...ages - 2 years, 20 months and 4 months.

    We all live in Boise and see each other frequently.

    Stephens College - A.A.
    University of Arizona - B.A. in Education

    Boating, gardening, reading, sewing, volunteering and  most recently being with the grandchildren.
Attending church and  Bible studies have been an
important part of my life.

    This may not be a good story but, it certainly is
memorable....In 1963 I had just graduated from the
UofA and was anticipating my  first teaching job in
San Jose CA,that was to begin in a few weeks. My
parents had given me a VW bug for graduation..along
with a payment book for half of the $1,800 (what a new
bug cost in 1963)...It was with mixed emotions when I
found myself floating down the Rillito River in the
car after being caught in a late summer flash
flood...happy it floated so well but scared to death! 
Carolyn Stell gave me a ride to the Bay Area since the
Bug didn't get out of the Tucson auto shop for several

Editor's note: A few years ago Stephanie wrote this about her and Pam Morris Samuels getting together...we thought we would keep it on her page.

    A few weeks ago Pam Morris Samuels spent 6 days in Boise.   Remembering the  free heart shaped pizzas that we used to get in Tucson (at some drive in on Speedway) on our July birthdays, we put on the oldies station in our 1967 Corvette and cruised down to The Crow Inn and had a cold beer.   Laughing and
reminiscing with Pam was such a delight.

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