Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA

    We relocated to Las Vegas, April 2004, moving from
Denver, CO.  Our townhome is located in a gated
community in Summerlin, about 20 minutes west of the
Strip in the foothills, so we are a little cooler at
3,100 ft.  Howard retired as the CIO for Red Robin
Gourmet Burgers and I continued to work for Northern
Trust until retiring February, 2006, having spent 7
years with them (Colorado & Las Vegas).  My first
retirement was from Bank of America in January, 2007,
where I completed 35 ½ years with them.  Howard has
his own consulting business and also receives a
pension from Lockheed, having spent 28 years with

    We were married October 21, 2005, 10 years to the day
where we met in Tucson.  The wedding and dinner took
place at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino where we were
blessed with over 70 friends and family attending. 

    My son, Eric, lives in Mesa, AZ and manages a Bank of
America Office located in the Mesa/Gilbert area.  He
owns his townhome in Mesa, is single, but had a
lovely girlfriend who also works for B of A and
attends night school to obtain her teaching degree. 

    My sister, Judy Sorey, single, lives in Redwood City,
CA and continues to work at Stanford University
Hospital as a physical therapist.  She has
approximately 3 years to retirement.  Both her sons
live close by and she has a 1 ½ year old grandson. 
My brother, Jeff, lives in Mission Viejo with his
wife and two grown children. 

    I have three step-children, all living in California
and two grandchildren.  The two boys live North of LA
and daughter in Modesto, CA.  Both of Howard's
siblings live in California, sister in Rancho Mirage
and brother in Big Bear. 

    So you can see our relocating to Vegas was great as
family only live about 5 hours from us, making many
trips to visit.

    We graduated from the Citizens' Police Academy in
December, 2006.  With our interest in helping our
community, we volunteer as much as possible.  I work
at the Northwest Area Command once a week in the
Crime Prevention office.  Howard is doing
Neighborhood Watch presentations weekly (I tag along)
and together once a week we spend an afternoon
issuing handicap parking tickets.  Seem to issue at
least 6 tickets weekly.  Our area command area
averages some 600 tickets monthly at a minimum fine
of $250.  We are also taking advantage of classes
offered to increase our knowledge and understand how
the police department operates. 

    We continue to travel as much as possible.  We see
many shows, both at our local casinos and on the
Strip.  We love big band music, but hard to believe
Denver provided us more music there.  We try to limit
our gambling and enjoy hiking at Red Rock Canyon. 

    Several years ago while working at the Grant &
Craycroft Office, at that time The Arizona Bank,
unbeknownst to me after coming from the restroom, I
had caught my slip and dress in my pantyhose. 
Walking out to the platform and then out to the lobby
to visit with clients, everyone got their eyes full. 
A fellow employee came to my rescue and still without
me knowing what was going on, she tugged at my dress
and put me back together.  As you can imagine, once I
was told what had happened my face was red and that
had to be the most embarrasing moment in my life.

Below: Lynda with classmate Sandy Snyder Mueller at Red Rock near Las Vegas.