Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA

July 2009
Life still finds me in Phoenix with many trips to
Colorado, California and Hawaii. I'm still waiting to
go to Europe and back to Israel. Of course the economy
the past 2 years has impacted these goals.

Still married to Paul since 1991, both my parents have
passed away, as well as Paul's father.  My mother
actually died 5 hours before the World Trade Center
towers went down. Needless to say the following 6
months were spent in heartache, as one of my husbands
fraternity brothers was in the plane that hit the
south tower!  2001 was a terrible year!! (for all,I'm
sure).   Early marriage to 1st husband produced one
offsspring, a boy, who now lives in Kansas & I have
one grandson. 2nd marriage to a celebrity news &
sports person in Denver (no kids), resulted in divorce
after 10 years & I moved back to AZ in 1981.
Married to Paul Goldstein in 1991, after a decade of
crazy single life and adventures (no kids).  My
grandson is autistic and is of great concern to the
family, but is being well taken care of by his parents
& teachers.
I'm so grateful for that!   

After graduating from CHS I enrolled at UofA and
attended for a year, after which I moved to Denver and
continued my education at Denver University and Metro
State, resulting in a BA in English.  Worked part-time
for the Banks in Denver while going to school.
Commercial banking became my life in Denver, as a
lending officer,and Valley Nat'l Bank became my place
of employment for 15 yrs.with many successes and
achievements as a Regional Sales Mgr with 12 branches.
Finally the last 10 years during the buyout of VNB by
Bank One I enjoyed the position of Personal Banking
Officer. I left with the downsizing in '95 and went
into the mortgage lending profession until I semi-
retired in 2005.  I went back to school at University
of Phoenix and completed another degree, this time in
Criminal Justice Administration.  My goal was the
court system or an opportunity to serve with AG Terry
Goddard on the mortgage fraud task force. The economy
and recession has put the brakes on there, but I'm
still in the mix! 

Religion and politics...WOW, too hot topics!!  Let's
leave it at that!

I am an avid participant in yoga, hiking, reading,
theatre going, volunteering in my community, and
golfing (but not so much golf since back surgery
in '08). Husband is extremely active in golf & hiking
so that makes for a lot of fun. I'm hoping to
participate in the golf tourney at the reunion. 

While at a golf tournement in Vail for charity in the
mid'70s, Clint Eastwood hit a long one and it got me
in the leg. He said to come to his hotel afterwards &
he would leave some ointment for me that would
completely take the pain away.  Son-of-a-gun, he did &
it did! (I never connected with him there though!)