Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Sandra Krueger Samoska

    I've lived in Kingman, Az for almost 10 years. Since
leaving Tucson in 1962 we lived in So. California for
12 yrs.; Las Vegas for 17 years and Grand Junction, Co
for 7 years.

    As to where our travels have taken us, we have been to
England, France, Germany,Belgium, Holland, Sweden,
Denmark, Finland, Russia, Estonia, most of the islands
in the Caribbean, thru the Panama Canal twice, Columbia
and most of the Central American countries, Alaska and
Hawaii.Some we've been to several times and some I
probably forgot.

    I married Paul Samoska ( he's from Tucson - his dad owned Catalina Shell - the gas station next to the Catalina
Theater - in 1960. We have no children. After my dad,
Leo Krueger, was killed in an auto accident in 1985 my mom
moved to Dallas, Tx. to be near my sister and her three

    I spent 40 years in insurance claims. I was a supervisor
for Allstate in Las Vegas, Claims Mgr. for Civil Service
Employees Ins Co in Las Vegas and we owned our own
Frontier Adjusters Franchise in Grand Junction, Co.
We moved to Kingman to retire, but it eas a little
early for me so I worked at the local hospital for 7 years
before quitting in May 2007. 

    I paint and do some crafts as well as go to the
shooting range weekly with my husband. He never misses
what he shoots. I've missed once or twice.

    I was working for CSE Ins as Claims Mgr in 1985. The
company was owned by a French Ins Co. They had a
contest for Ins Agents for a 2 wk trip to Paris. I,
being the rabble rouser I have always been, told the
company that it was unfair that the Claims Mgrs never
get in on any of these trips. I was shocked when they
actually decided to have a contest for the Claims Mgrs.
    The contest was for 9 months.Since some offices had
hundreds of employees and some, like mine, only had a
few employees, I expected the larger office to win. To
make a long story short, I won. My husband and I went
to Paris with the Agents who won their trip. The company paid our air fare, put us up in the Meridian Hotel, took us on tours every day, had luncheons ( one we took over the entire restaurant at the top of the Effiel Tower) and dinners every night( one took over the entire Moulin Rouge ), took us on a train trip to Lyon and numerous other places.
    It was a trip of a lifetime.