Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Rose Marie Evans

    After graduating, I moved to San Francisco, married in
Reno, then moved to New Jersey.  Returned to Tucson
when I left my husband because the weather just made
more sense here.  I vacation in Puerto Vallarta and
other places in Mexico and the Carribean, Hawaii and
Thetis Island, Canada.  This year 2004, I am looking
forward to my first trip across the 'pond' to Spain.

    My mother was the best influence in my life but was
taken by cancer in 1971.  My father was a heavy
equipment operator, mechanic and piloted his own
plane. My first husband blessed me with 2 children. My
son is an inventor and my daughter works with American
Airlines so I take advantage of flight perks when I
have time.  My other 3 husbands were learning

    I followed in my father's foot steps and became a
heavy equipment operator for years.  It afforded me
the luxury of traveling to West Coast Swing dance
conventions.  It was 1979 that I was first exposed to
swing dance clubs in San Diego.  I decided if I wanted
to dance, I had to teach.  So I founded the Tucson
Swing Dance Club.  I was a judge at the U.S. Open
Swing Dance Convention in 1983 and in 1984 won 1st
Place in the Jack and Jill Division.  I was nominated
into the Legends of Swing.  I took alot of classes at
P.C.C. but decided not to pursue a degree.  In 1984 I
became a part time Mary Kay Consultant which worked
very well around my busy schedule.  After an accident
on the job, which caused some physical problems, I
thought it best to get back to a desk job so I could
continue dancing.  I retired in July, 2004 and
absolutely love it.  Can't figure out how I ever had
time to work a job.

    I might mention that I'm a conservative and a 'card-
carrying' Mormon.  I dislike hard butter on soft toast
and find that I distance myself from negative people,
those who don't enjoy life.  My passion is dancing.  I
look forward to find a dance partner to learn
Argentine Tango and be able to embellish the steps.

    All hobbies etc are mentioned in the above paragraph.

    Ah, yes.  Being the oldest girl in the family, I was
the one who got to do all the babysitting.  I was
fussing that my father would take everyone else flying
and I wanted to go up with him and do a tailspin.  He
obliged and decided to make me wait until we went into
the stall to do the tailspin.  As we started into the
nosedive, he said to take the control.  That was my
first real experience with G Force.  I couldn't move
my hands from my side to take the wheel and I just
screamed "I can't move."  He got a good laugh from it
and I did too...after we pulled out of the tailspin.