Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Ronald Elliott Graeser

     I have lived in the woodlands country 6 miles east
of Fremont, Michigan since 1972.

    I am still married to my wife of 1967 whom I met
while in medical school in Chicago.  We have three
grown daughters two of whom are married and all of
whom work at sundry jobs.  There are two
grandchildren from our middle duaghter. 

    After CHS I attended the U. of Ariz and graduated in
1962 in EE.  After working for a year for the Federal
Aviation Agency as an electronics field engineer I
took postgraduate premedical studies for two years at
Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and then
attended the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
graduating in 1970.  A rotating internship and
residency in pathology filled out my medical
education and training.  I have worked for varying
years as a general practitioner (about 15 years),
forensic pathologist (25 years), Army physician (20
years in the Army Reserves), emergency room physician
(about 8 years) and sundry clinics.  Many of these
years overlap.  Along the way I've been able to see
much of our culture and society up close.  Very

    I espouse the Reformed teachings of Christianity and
have followed them pretty closely during my life.
I have championed "Sanctity of Life" for decades
paying varying prices for that stand.  You may see my
yard, house and "Sanctity of Life" yard display at:
Auto repair, welding, woodworking, gardening, reading
have been continuing hobbies.

    Especially in forensic pathology I have stories of
findings and deductions that figured prominently in
crime solving (almost always homocide).