Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Phil Pilcher

    My wife Mitzi and I live in Shelby County, TN just outside Memphis. We also have a home in St. Louis county, MO that we use for a few days about twice per month and longer a few times per year. During the 80's and early 90's, we traveled frequently and extensively in Mexico and in 1997, we traveled for 2 weeks in Italy. Some of our favorite places to visit in the U.S. are Tucson, wine country in California and the mountains of Colorado.

    We have two daughters that live in the Memphis area and they each have two children. Pam, the oldest daughter is married to Les Loeffel and they have daughters Kelsey, 12 and Marisa, 8. Peri is married to Mont Winfrey and they have  a son, Nicholas, 9 and daughter, Laura, 4. All are very busy with work, school and associated activities.

    College didn't seem to be an option in late 1959 but would have been a tremendous help running my business. For the last 22 years, we have sold, installed and maintained business telephone systems in the Memphis area. We also have a remarketing division that sells refurbished telephone equipment nationwide. Between September 1972 and October 1982, we sold and serviced office machines. That gradually was phased out so we could concentrate on our telecommunications business.

    We are politically conservative and vote in every election we qualify for in Tennessee. We do not vote in Missouri.  Great passions? Try a 2001 Miner zinfandel or a 1996 cabernet from Chateau Souverain.

Food, wine and travel are what we like best.

    My life has been full of good luck:
1) My family moving from Mississippi to Tucson in 1951
2) Leaving Tucson in 1959 in search of a future
3) Taking the Dale Carnegie course in 1965
4) Changing careers from auto mechanic to sales in 1966
5) Starting my company in 1972
6) Entering the telecommunications field in 1982
7) Expanding into remarketing in 1992
Having family and friends to help with all of the above through thick and thin.