Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Peter Ronstadt

    Tucson, Arizona.  Have lived here since I was born.
Have traveled in Europe, Mexico, Canada and various
parts of the US both for work and for fun.

    Married in 1964 to Jackie Castle, who was from
Scottsdale.  we met at the Uof A.  Have two children;
Philip, who works for Disney Studios in burbank Ca,
and Melinda who lives in Tucson.  Both children are
married, and I now have three grandchildren.

    I went to the U of A, dropped out in 1963 and joined
the Tucson Police Department,  I figured that if Nagle
could do it, anyone could. Of course, he bailed out
after a couple of years and went to work for the
Navy.  I stuck around,went back to school while
working midnights, held a variety of assignments over
the course of seveal years.  I competed for and was
appointed to the position of Chief of Police in 1981. 
I retired in 1991.  I eventually got my degree--major
in Spanish, minors in Latin American History and Latin
American Government, went to several police management  schools including the FBI Academy, and was involved in police administrative organizations at the national  level.  I feel lucky to have been able to make a career of something I believed strongly in. 

    Had a chance to do a little singing with my sister
Linda over the years, and am probably the only cop in
America to have a gold album (for "Canciones de Mi
Padre',a mariachi album that Linda did back in the 80s).
    I still like the outdoors.