Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Myrna Lehman Wunder

    2602 W. Oriole Circle Tucson, AZ 85746
1960 - Moses Lake, Washington
1963 - Amarillo, Texas
1965 - Riverside, California
1970 - Okinawa, Japan
1974 - Atwater, California
1998 - Tucson, Arizona
    My life depended on what was going on in the World. 
1960 was very busy due to the Cuban Crisis. Stayed at
home and took care of my children.
Same in 1963.  The Assassination of President Kennedy put
the Military on strict alert.  Amarillo was not far
from Dallas, Texas and with the Govenor of Texas being
assassinated the whole state of Texas was on high alert.
Riverside, California - The 60's was in full swing. 
    We lived very close to the Manson killings, San
Francisco was always on the News.  At this time I
decided to go back to College and get a degree.  That
didn't happen because we went to Japan and got
involved in the Vietnam War.  Was very glad to get
back to the United States in 1974.  Started working
for the Atwater Unified School District in 1975, also
went back to College and got a AA Degree in Library
Technology.  Worked for the School District for 23
years and retired in 1998.  For many years I had
planned to move back to Tucson.  Sold the House and
off we went in our Motorhome.  Spent 3 months in the
Motorhome and bought the house we live in now.

    All our Parents have passed away.  Married to my
husband Gary for 45 years.  Had 3 Sons.  Eugene
Francis, a School teacher for the mentally Handycapped
in Merced California, and Navy Reserve - cryptology
Maintenance.  Lorren John, works for Papsi cola in
Bend, Oregon.  Brent Alan - A Professor at WestWood
University and Computer analysis for Enflo in Denver
Colorado.  Have 6 grandchildren.  Eric Francis 16,
John Berkley 16, Jennifer Ann 14, Morgan Alexandria 9,
Brooke Audrey 5, and Noah Alan 3.

Attended a lot of different schools but finally
graduated form Merced College in 1983.  This is the
disadvantage of a Miltary Wife.

    Was not into sports but do have a good hobby.
Coin Collecting - Started in the 70's and have worked
at it off and on for a long time.