Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Myna Meissner Stroth


    We live in Scottsdale, AZ. and have lived in the Phx.
area since 1970. As newly-weds, we lived in Drexel
Hill, PA, while my husband was doing his
anesthesiology residency at the University of PA

     My husband, Dr. Ron Stroth, was an anesthesiologist at  Scottsdale Memorial, now Scottsdale Osborn, for 25
years. We have two children: Dr. Bob Stroth who is a
pathologist at the new Banner Hospital in Gilbert
area. He and his wife live in Scottsdale, but, alas,
no grandchildren. Our daughter Stephanie owns a wine
bar in the West Portal area of San Francisco. She is
married to Keith McCardell who works for Euler-
Hermes.They are in love with SF! No grandchildren from
them either!

    I graduated from the U of A and taught school in
Garden Grove, CA for a few years until I married. I
was a stay-at-home mom until our kids were in high
school. I attended ASU and got my Master's in
Education. I taught at Phoenix Country Day and Madison
Simis teaching gifted kids.

    I'm an Obama Mama! Anybody but Dubya who has done tremendous damage to our country both at home and abroad. Enuf said!

    I played tennis for quite a few years and now I'm
getting back into golf. I am an exercise freak--go to
the gym every morning except when I have yoga 2 times
    We've owned a cabin in the pines in Munds Park for 11 years where we spend 4-5 months of the summer
socializing with friends.
    We LOVE to travel--all around South America, Vietnam, China, Korea, Thailand, Spain, England, Ireland,  France, Portugal, etc. In September of this year 6 of us are going on a private safari with our own guide to Tanzania.
    I was also on our homeowners' board from 2000 -2006 as VP/Pres. and also in charge of landscaping. That was in Scottsdale Country Club Village where we still reside.

    I am fortunate to be having a wonderful life. There
are a lot of stories. I guess the best one is meeting
Ron when I was teaching in CA. He was in Long Beach as a medical officer on the aircraft carrier Hornet. I
met him one night in Newport Beach, toured his
aircraft carrier that night, got rear-ended as he
drove me home, ended up having a coast-to-coast
relationship for 2 years, and got married in Tucson.
    We pulled a U-Haul to PA for our honeymoon, pulled the back bumper off my new Mustang somewhere in Oklahoma, and had a tiny upstairs apartment for 3 years in Drexel Hill, PA where I nearly froze to death for 3
years before settling in Phoenix. We are really
enjoying these retirement years.