Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Michael Mayer


    I live in Marina del Rey California with my wife.
I  have been in California since 1965. We travel a
lot. Our business takes us to most places in the US
and sometimes to Europe so we always tack on a few
extra days. We had fun doing a project in Moscow and
have another one in the works.

    I have been married to Melanie for about nineteen
years. I wound up with four great kids from prior
marriages. A 21 year old "Robin Williams in
training", twin 26 year old girls that graduated with
honors from RISD College in Rhode Island and
a 41 year old stockbroker in Scottsdale.

    Dad passed away in 1973 and Mom in 2001. Brother
Ken (Class of 1960) is an architect and brother Eric
retired to his ranch in Hidden Valley CA. No
grandkids yet and it looks like it may be a while.

   After college I did my stint as an Army Ranger 82nd
Airbone before coming back to Phoenix.
   I have had a varied business background. No doubt
attributable to my ADD but enjoyed it all, whatever
they were, good or bad. Some years were good to me;
some were bad. Sometimes I got to be the windshield,
sometimes I got to be the bug, but I'm still here.
   I am now the CEO and a major shareholder of
Associated Ventures LLC, a real estate and business
venture holding company. The Company maintains three
offices, one in California, one in Nevada and one in
Phoenix. We continue to specialize in real estate
development with emphasis on hotels and retail
properties. We also have a food and beverage division.
   Prior to co-founding Associated, I was the
managing general partner involved in the development
and acquisition of real estate projects throughout
the southwest. The partnership developed 28 projects
ranging from 15,000 square feet to 200,000 square
   I was also a co-founder and Chairman of the Board
of Gamma Electronics Systems, a public company
specializing in consumer electronics. The company
developed a proprietary technology that is widely
used in the professional segment of the entertainment
field. The company was eventually merged into Fuson
   Previous to Gamma, I was the co-founder, and
President of Pho-T-Graphics, a company that developed
the technique for the transfer of a customers
photographic images to a T-shirt. We implemented a
marketing strategy through Thrifty Drug Stores
photography departments. Prior to its sale, the
company had outlets in 128 Thrifty Drug Store

    Have lots of opinions but try to avoid sharing them.
Prefer talking in a more philosophical approach to

    Still love cars. Like to go antique hunting and
repair the ones that need it. Also love camping. Miss
horseback riding. Work is my favorite hobby. I enjoy
what I do and don't figure on stopping.