Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Laura Jean Webb

    I live in Tucson and take care of my 90 year old dad.
I have lived here except for a few years in Phoenix
and 7 years in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales,
Australia. I have traveled all over the eastern part
of Australia, in Mexico from Guaymas to Acapulco, and
to Hong Kong and Beijing.

    Unfortunately, I've not experienced a successful
marriage relationship. I envy those of you who have.
My joy has been in my children and grandchildren. I
have three children and four grandsons.
    My daughter Amy and son-in-law Matt live outside Washington, DC, where my son-in-law works for the CIA. They have 2 sons, James (6) and John (3).
    My son Erik and daughter-in-law Lisa live in Greenville, South Carolina, where my son is a Professor of Philosophy at Furman University. They have 2 sons, Owen (3) and Luke (3 months).
    My third child, my Australian son named Rich Bourke, was killed in an automobile accident three years ago. I must say that losing a child is the most devastating experience in all of life. I know some of you have lost children and you will know what I mean. My heart was literally torn from me that day in August. Rich was my youngest, my joy, and my hero. He lived outside of Chicago, with his wife, and was a Youth Pastor over 700 youth at a church of 6,000 members. He was a dynamic speaker and role model for countless kids. He was 20 years old.
    Needless to say, it is by God's love and grace that I
live today. 

    I have a degree in Speech and Hearing Science ('89) and have completed as many graduate courses as are allowed without quitting my job and doing practicum.
    I also have done graduate work in Deaf Studies. I had to drop out of graduate school for personal and
financial reasons.
    I now work at the University of Arizona and am the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. I am also a conference planner and am working on an international
symposium on urban design to be held in January 2005.

    My great passion is working out and I do so daily, as
well as lifting weights. I don't have time for many
hobbies, but I do enjoy gardening. I'm also active in
my church.

    We've all come a long way since high school and
experienced many good things and some things we wish we hadn't. Who thought we would still be getting
together after 45 years! I'm looking forward to
seeing everyone.

This is a picture of me with 3 of my grandsons
taken this last summer.