Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Kyle DeFoor
    Since graduation from high school, I have lived in
Tucson except for a very brief stay in Phoenix after I
graduated from the U of A.  My wife and I have lived
in our present residence since 1975.  We moved into
our house on Valentine's day and I told her I could
never trump that gift, so here we stay.

    I married Charlotte Bedford (THS class of 1959) in
1962.  We raised a son, Gregory and a daughter, Lora. 
Greg, a residential real estate appraiser, purchased
my parents home, the home where I grew up, and has a
son and daughter.  Lora, a CPA, worked for me for
nearly 12 years.  She has 2 daughters and also resides
in Tucson.

    I graduated from the U of A with a degree in
accounting.  My entire career was spent in public
accounting here in Tucson where I practiced as a
Certified Public Accountant.  During the last 22 years
of my career my wife Char worked as my secretary.  I
had a firm of 5 people, 3 CPAs, a paraprofessional and
a secretary before merging my practice with another
practice unit some 18 months before retirement.  In
July 2006, I sold my interest in the new practice and
began my retirement.  I have maintained my CPA License
and both Char and I work for about 2 1/2 months during
the tax season for my former partner.  The monies
earned during this time are used for our travels and
extracurricular activities.

    My politics are conservative, due in no small part to
my CPA roots and evangelical theology. I am an active
member in my local church and serve on its Elder
    Two of my pet peeves are cell telephones and designer water.  Since when have we become so important that we can't become disconnected from the telephone.  When I see the bluetooths hanging from peoples' ears, I think they must have had a birth defect.  And bottled water--what's wrong with tap water and why can't people hydrate before taking a simple walk around the block?

    For many years I pursued my interest in fast pitch
softball in the city leagues.  My most enduring
passion has been my lifetime pursuit of big game
hunting.  Char and I also closely follow the Arizona
Diamondbacks, and we have made several baseball trips
around the country.

    I was involved in an airplane crash in the wilds of
Alaska in 1996, and rescued by the Alaska Air National
Guard the next day.  I was also charged by a lion in
Zambia, Africa in 1976.