Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Karen Gordon Hoover

    Lived in Tucson until 1981, then moved to Dallas, Texas to send middle daughter to school and work for the world trade center. Work travels took me to NY.  Have traveled to Paris, England, Rome, Saudi Arabia.  Now traveling around the NW USA. Came back to Tucson in 1995.

    I am retired/widow, I have three daughters (school
teacher, computer engineer, and bank tax consultant?)I
have 5 grandchildren with the oldest just graduating
from the U Of A -on his way to NY, my 20year
granddaughter (my Heart) is at the U Of A  pre-med
student, two grandsons 11 and 9, and one grandaughter from career minded parents, 9 months old.

     I do not snow or water ski anymore. Love to travel, I
really was thinking of golf but have done nothing about
that yet.