Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Judy Johnson (Roberts)
    I have lived in Reno, Nevada for the last 35 years,
planning to remain.  Previously Minnesota, California, Hawaii, Idaho & Oregon, mostly because my ex looked for the green grass a lot.
    Larry and I took a 2 week trip to Egypt.  Wonderful
trip.  Glad we did it in 2000 instead of chancing it
    We are headed back to Hawaii for 2 weeks January
2009 - retirement gift to ourselves.

    I was married for 25 years and then divorced. We had
2 children - both married with children.  I am now married for over 13 years to Larry Roberts. Best friend and soulmate does not really cover it. All is good.
    Larry has 3 children.  All our kids grew up in Reno,
attended some of the same schools - so they knew each
other.  Between all our kids - we have 9
    My parents are still playing golf almost every day -
pretty good for 87 years young (this year). My parents, sisters, and brother all live in Phoenix.
    My youngest daughter and both Larry's sons and
families all live in on the West side of Phoenix. 
    Our oldest daughters live in Washington state.

    After graduation from Catalina, I enrolled in a
diploma nursing school in Rochester, MN.  Graduated
in 1962.  Moved around a bunch with the ex, finally
settling in Reno in 1975.  I worked in various places
while raising kids. 
    Returned to University of Nevada, Reno for my
Bachelor's and subsequently Master's Degree in
Nursing/Nursing Management.  Worked as a nurse manager for the Department of  Veterans Affairs (better know as the VA) for 25 years.
    I retired October, 2008.

    Larry is a retired architect.  We live in the middle
of continual remodeling and probably always will. He
is an amateur archeologist/Egyptologist - part of the
reason for our afore mentioned Egypt trip.
    I am a quilter.  I have always been a crafter; knitting, crocheting,  embroidering, rug making, sewing.  I have abandoned all these things to quilt. I spend several hours a day doing what I love.
    Since retirement, I have taken to some exercise as
long as it is not too much.

    So many good things have happened in life including
that I am still in it.  Retirement is wonderful.

    I was only @ Catalina for 2 years.  I have good
memories from those years. How can this be almost 50
years ago!!!!!!!!
Judy and her husband
Larry Roberts