Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Jack Allen

    My wife, Bette, and I live here in Tucson nestled in
a little place in the Catalina mountains near a golf
course, tennis courts and a lovely clubhouse.  We
have lived in Tucson since my stint at Stanford. 
First in a rented home by Blenman School, then we
bought in the Wilshire area behind Park Place.  When
we decided to downsize in 1999 we moved to our place in the mountains.

   Bette and I have been married since 1962 and raised two children.  Marc, born in 1963, is a computer
engineer.  He and his wife, Lyuba, live in Virginia
Beach with Evan and the twins, Aiden and Sophie.  My
daughter, Julia, born in 1966, is a CPA living in
Chandler.  She and her husband, Chuck, have two
children, Amalia and Jack.  My dad, Al, whom many of
you baseball players may remember, passed away in
1978.  I miss him very much.

    After finishing at Stanford, I came back to the
University of Arizona and went to Pharmacy School,
graduating in 1967.  Then I began a long career that
continues still.  I have worked as a hospital
pharmacist, a psychiatric pharmacist, a nuclear
pharmacist (preparing radioactive diagnostic and
therapeutic pharmaceuticals)and currently am employed as a prison pharmacist at the state facility on south Wilmot.  Along the way I picked up a certificate in
nuclear pharmacy and a master's degree in information
science.  Bette went back to the University of
Arizona when our children were old enough for nursery
school.  She became a pharmacist also.  In the late
1980's she also acquired an MBA at the Eller School
here at the University.

    The last time I updated this bio, a pet peeve was
cell phones.  Now I have an iPhone and it has
completly changed my attitude.  I love it.  As far as
politics is concerned, I really worry about what's
happening to this wonderful country that I grew up
in.  Like many of you, I hope my grandchildren will
be able to experience the stability and happiness
that we did, but I don't see it happening.

    I played baseball at Stanford and coninued with
baseball and softball through my twenties and early
thirties.  After I became I liability to my team
mates, I started playing tennis and continue to do so
to this day.  I love to read, travel and go to the

    I have really be lucky in my complaints at
all.  Lots of good things have happened to me.  One
that touched me deeply was that my daughter and son-
in-law named their first and only son after me. 
Also, a number of years ago, I got a ticket that I
didn't really an attorney,
went to court and won my case.  Sometimes it's the
big things and sometimes it's the little ones.