Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Helen Roof Selby 

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    I live in Chula Vista - a city that borders on San
Diego.  We did live in Phx. up until 1990 and then
moved to La Jolla and have stayed in the San Diego
since.  The desert still calls to us occasionally and
I wouldn't be surprised if we end up back in AZ.

    We have traveled quite a bit, Caribbean Islands,
Spain & Europe.  Some interesting trips were to
Poland before the Iron Curtain fell & then to Russia
after it fell.  A year ago we went to Malawi Africa
to help with the AIDS victIms, orphans, widows &
pastors of bush villages (very primitive) sharing the
hope we can all have in Jesus!  Then we went for a
fun filled time in England & Scandanvia.  We plan on
going back to Africa in the Fall. 

    My folks Tom & Helen Roof (Glover Cleaners &
Tom Roof the Cleaners)  both lived a long life. My Dad passed away first at 93 and my mom at 89.

    I married Herb Selby the love of my life and we will
celebrate 47 years together in Aug.  We have two
wonderful children, Ruth & Mark.  Between the two of
them we have 7 grandkids.  Our first granddaughter
just got married this April - now how can that have
happened already?

    My Daughter Ruth Mitchell lives in Mesa w/her husband Renny & my son Mark lives in Greenville, SC with his wife Beth (much to far away!).  Two of my brothers still live in Tucson; Tom & Fred Roof, my younger brothers. Harry is in CO & Paul is in the Seattle area. All but Tom graduated from Catalina High!

    After graduating from Catalina I went to the U of A
for a year.  I married Herb (graduate of T.H.S. & U
of A) & moved to Phx.  It has been the best thing
I've done in life! 

    We were on associate staff with a ministry called
Campus Crusade for Christ & for approximately 10 years
worked with college students.  Soon they were married
and we were able to speak into their lives and
mentor/disciple many couples.  In San Diego we have
many Asian kids (late 30's - 40's) in our lives and
they call us Mom & Dad, some gringo's too :).  We
have a regular Bible study that attracts those that
are younger than us & they help keep us young! My
passion is for many to know the joy & love of Jesus.

    Loved to play tennis but have put the racket up and
occasionally will try to hit a golf ball with Herb.
So it is walking at the bay or ocean and go to
Bally's Gym for execise these days. 

    We are semi-retired from the consulting engineering
business but busy never the less!  I am living life
to it's fullest and feeling blessed!