Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
George Markley

    I just got back from a Colorado River raft trip
through the Grand Canyon.  I thought I was in shape,
but found out the perils of trying to keep up with
youngsters on a 63 year old body. I finally gave up
and just enjoyed the trip. My brother John was with
me--he's 9 years younger, and he had trouble keeping
up too, so I don't feel so bad.

    I'm living back in Tucson, taking care of my widowed
mother and my aunt (86 and 95 respectively). I lived
in San Francisco for 25 years, during the 60s and 70s
and part of the 80s.  Yes, I took part in the
alternative culture and so could be classed an X-
hippy. Then I moved to Sacramento in the late 80s.
San Francisco was just getting too expensive, my rent
went up from 400 to 1000 dollars after my appartment
house was renovated.  Tucson sure has changed.  The
last time I was here was in the early 70s.  We moved
back here in December 1999 after my Dad died from a
brain tumor.
    I'm a retired house painter. I went to the U of A for
two years (music major), but college wasn't for me. 
Since then I've had many types of jobs, including
typrwriter repairman, waiter, spa attentant, etc.
    I was the total nerd in high school. That started way
back in middle school, in then Catalina Jr. High. I
doubt if many of the class of 59 will remember me,
though I went to school with most of them for seven
years. Oh, there were several bullies who tormented
me nearly every school day who might. I can remember
very few names.  In my senior year I hung out with
juniors mostly. During my junior year I went to a
religious Canadian school, and when I returned to
Tucson for my senior year I did very well
scholastically, and had an easier time making
    I'm single, gay, getting heavy, not looking for a
relationship.  My life is just about as full as I can
take.  Most of my friends are in San Francisco or
Sacramento, though some of the San Franciscans have
moved to points north. My best friend now lives on
the Big Island in Hawaii. I visit him occasionally,
in fact almost moved there before I discovered my
folks needed me. I keep in touch via e-mail and the

    My mom and aunt were born in Sonoita, early in the
century. They are the two last remaining out of
eight. Their father had homsteaded several hundred
acres around the turn of the centry. Their name was
Buck. All the kids went to Tucson High, the only high
school around at that time. They stayed with
relatives or friends, or worked for families who gave
them room and board. I have many pictures from that
era that I've digitalized and put on CDs. My
grandfather worked putting in the roundhouse for the
Southern Pacific Railway in Tucson. He was also a
fire watcher on Mt. Baldy.  Mostly he farmed and

    I have sold several photos in  A
recent photo of me can also be found on that site. I
correspond with several well know writers via e-
mail.  I have many interesting (I hope) anecdotes to
tell, especially about the Haight in the 60s (ancient
history to most people).  I was on speaking terms
with Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hindrix, Grace Slick, and
Jerry Garcia.
    I like to take pictures, and have done so in Tucson
for the last five years.  I visited my friends in San
Francisco several years ago and took many pictures.
I've sold a few of them but am not very agressive
when it comes to promoting my work.  I love
backpacking, and have hiked all over Yosemite and the
Sierra Nevadas, the Grand Canyon, and the Trinity
Alps (in Northern California).

    I'm radical when it comes to politics. Most of my
friends are Democrats, and they find me too liberal.
Right now my pet peeve is the sore state of health
care in our rich nation. It affects me directly,
since I can't afford health insurance and won't be
covered until 2006 when I reach 65. My second pet
peeve is that marajuana is illegal.  I don't partake
any more, but think it a crime that so many casual
users end up in jail with very stiff sentences. If I
had my way everthing would be legal and regulated,
like in Amsterdam. The reason I no longer use, by the
way, is because both Mom and my aunt are
fundamentalist Christians, and I respect their
feelings about drugs in the house.  Also, I can get
high without it, having had much practice achieving
that state of mind. 

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