Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Ellen Riley Rowe

Moved to Phoenix in 1969.  Travels have been mostly stateside but were great  times with family and friends as we hunted, hiked, boated, canoed and rafted.

My Father passed away in 1991.  Mother is 90 and
living back in Tucson after stays in Iran, Sedona and

My sister, Judy,(CHS 1962) graduated from the U of A.
She and her husband moved to Hawaii.  After several
years there her family moved to Guam where she is
part owner of an archeology firm. She has 2 boys who
both live stateside.

Sadly my first marriage ended in divorce but on the
good side gave me three beautiful children. A
daughter, Tracy, who is 46, a son, James, who is
deceased and another daughter, Terri, who is 44.

Several years later I met and married a wonderful man
who had 4 children.  An "I do" made an instant family
of 9.  Don had spent 20 years in the Air Force and
then 20 working for Civil Service.  Unfortunately his
life was cut short by cancer and I have been widowed
for almost 22 years.

I spent almost 18 years working for Girl Scouts. 
Mostly doing youth leadership training and running
camps. Also ran my own contract cleaning business for
13 years and then worked for the U of A Extension
Service here in Phoenix before deciding that it was
time for more leisure. 

However a few years later I was missing the daily
outside contact and headed back to work as a
substitute teacher.  Last year I did a year long
assignment in 8th grade math and this year I am doing
one in 6th grade science.  The kids are great but I
am thinking this will be my last full time assignment. I think more time for family and pansies are in the future.

As always I have plenty of opinions but keep them
more to myself these days.  Try to save my thoughts
for the moment they might really count.

Politics and religion are subjects that I share in
appropriate situations.  Really believe we show by

Pet peeves.....many but the first to come to mind
are "push 1 for English" and packaging that it takes
a screw driver, a wrench and maybe a hacksaw to open.

Passions....again many but children and the underdog
head the list.

Animals have remained a big part of my life.  I have 
a red-tailed boa named Slither, a tortoise named Taco
and a newly adopted miniature dachshund named Sweet

My love of the outdoors leads to anything in that
area.  The arthritis and artifical knee keep me from
doing the hunting and hiking but I still enjoy the

Antiques, reading and music fill alot of my time.   I
have always been into arts and crafts things as
well.  Candle making and anything with shells for

As the kids were growing up I did all the volunteer
things that Moms were suppose to mother,
P.T.A., Girl Scouts,Den Mother, softball coach, Pop
Warner etc. 

Played softball for several years but now amuse
myself with NASCAR #48, the SUNS, and the D'backs.

Don't know that I can come up with "1" story but
being blessed with a wonderful husband and great (not
perfect) kids always brings a smile to my face.