Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA

    I live in West Los Angeles, and have in surrounding
communities since 1963.  My travels have been limited
to the States due to work in the fashion garment

    Was married to Don Brewer in 1966, and have two sons, Patrick, and Michael, both in the entertainment
field.  Don and I were divorced in 1972.  Patrick is
married, no children, and Michael was married,and
divorced, no children.
    I was an illegally adopted child, and in 1995 found my
birth family in Mississippi.  Both sides of my family
have accepted me, and I now have 3 younger brothers,
and a younger sister, along with many aunts, uncles,
and cousins.  We all look alike which I find strange
after so many years of just looking like me.

    After finishing at the U of A, came to L.A. and went
to work as the youngest assistant buyer at The
Broadway.  From there I went to Robinsons, and then
went into wholesale, working for some of Los Angeles
top couturier designers such as Estevez/Gabor, Roth-Le
Cover, Gene Roye, Moschery, and Entre de Modes. 
Became a Merchandiser for these firms, working closely
with the designer in selecting fabrics, styling, and
then traveling to diffrent market locations five times
a year (New York, Dallas, Atlanta, and L.A.) to
present these Collections to the store buyers.  I also
traveled to diferent stores across the country doing
in store trunk shows.

    Right now my biggest pet peeve is the influx of
foreign drivers in L.A. who don't follow the rules of
the road and who park in front of fire hydrants, or in
red or yellow zones. 

    Didn't have time to develop any hobbies, or play
sports as I was always on the move, however, I am an
avid reader of World War II history (thank you Miss
Grace Hendon).