Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Carol Ann Johnson

    Currently I live in Tucson in Frontier Village -didn't move far from CHS!!  Looking forward to seeing
my friends from choir and the neighborhood.
    I enjoy traveling with a friend.  We enjoy going to
Laguna Beach and relaxing.  We've also taken several
cruises together.

    My husband, Fred, died in 1978 and I've been single
since.  My daughter, Deborah Knowles McGeary,
graduated from CHS in 1980.  She's married and has
given me 4 of the greatest grandchildren ever born.  I
will have pictures!!

    I work at the UA in the College of Agriculture and
Life Sciences in the Development and Aumni Office.  I
coordinate alumni and development events and
activities: Homecoming, awards, retiree functions,
Advisory group meetings, etc.  This past spring, the
College named a staff award for development the "Carol Knowles Award for Excellence in Development and Alumni Relations."
    I just completed my 20th year at the U.