Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Ann Tillotson Misenhimer

    I have lived in Tucson the last 30 years.  Dan and I have
traveled to Hawaii numerous times, last time for our
40th anniverary.  About time to go again.  We had a
great trip through Indian country, New Mexico,
Arizona, Colorado two years ago.  This year I went to
San Diego for Healing Touch Conference and to Payson
to receive my Level IV training, Dan stayed home and
took care of animals.

    We have three children, Our oldest son, Daniel Page who lives in Yuma, is CPA and insists on keeping our two
oldest granddaughters, Whitney, 17 and Keely 13
there.  Our second son, Dean and his wife Jill both
special ed teachers at Dodge Middle School live three
blocks from us with granddaughter Brooklyn, age 8 and
first grandson Blake, age 4.  Our daughter Denise and
her husband Scott live one mile from us.  She runs our
medical business and Scott is a construction supt, they
have our second grandson, Sam age 18 months.  I WILL
HAVE PICTURES!  Both of may parents, Louise and Dean have gone to a better place and they are missed.

    I finally found out what I wanted to be and am
studying to be a Healing Touch Practionior.  I do
energy healings at Sunstone Cancer Retreat and at the
cancer center at TMC.  I also do sessions at my home
and my church, Grace St. Pauls Episcopal.

    Politics,-you know when they are lying, their lips
    Religion.  I have mine, you have yours and we are all
    Pet Peeves-people who talk about politics and religion
    Passions-my grandchildren and my Healing Touch

    We have a big back yard and I do a lot of planting,
cleaning and enjoying the birds, turtles and lizards.
I also take care of my three youngest grandchildren.
We also have a young Sudanese man Daniel Deng, who
went to Boston last year and received traumatic brain
injury.  He has been with us since last Sept. and is
doing very well.

    We were moving back to Tucson after living in Michigan for four years and Southern Calif. for one.  Dan was
already in Tucson, I had the station wagon loaded to
the top and three children,9,5 and 2, a dog, and two
puppies. Outside of El Centro in the middle of July
the air conditioner gave out.  We pulled into EC and
looked for someone to fix the AC.  AlL I could think
of was that we were so close to AZ and I was so
excited to finally move back to Tucson.  Car fixed and
off we went going HOME.