Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Catalina's 50th Anniversary Open House
    Hard to believe that it was 50 years ago "Disneyland" opened it's doors and we all poured in to fill our brains with great knowledge, mush, and everything in beween.  Going back was a surreal experience. A different lifetime in a parallel universe. 
    The event was for all classes, but most folks were from the 50's-60's era. About a dozen were from the class of 1959.
Your Humble Webmaster in front of the famous facade. Has much changed in 50 years?  Compare this with the standard photo in the upper left hand corner.
The old gym was gone but many things seemed much like they did in the old days, like the cafeteria. The decor was straight out of the fifties. I swear you could hear echos of Elvis coming out of the speaker system.
Jean Meinhardt, Ginny Forbes,
and Myrna Lehman
Above,Charles Lemley, below, Mike Kaiserman
Left,Sue Daggett Black with Pat Young, '58.

Below, Jay Kittle
Who could ever forget a scene like this between classes? I could hear the footsteps of Gridley or Egbert coming around the corner.
Look, I'm back in class again, actually in my old homeroom. So what's different? New desks and lots of computers. Also, this is now a room where they teach English as a second language. That's something we never heard about. Most meaningful for me was a TV set in the front of each classroom. In 1959 I was in charge of the morning announcements and made them faithfully every day. The kid who does it now is on television! Darn, if I could have just waited 50 years I could have been on the tube...

It was a fun two hours at the old school. A hearty thanks to Lysa Agan-Nabours, webmaster of the CHS site for her continued efforts in promoting the school and the Catalina Foundation.